Top Destinations in Malaysia

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December 7th, 2016

Top Travel Destinations

Malaysia is a southeast-Asian country that is recognized for its rainforests and beaches. This country has a cultural blend of Chinese, Malay and Indian people who have been following their traditions and were dwelling peacefully for many years. The following are the top destinations in Malaysia that everyone must visit:

Kuala Lumpur – One of the Top Destinations in Malaysia

image of kuala lumpur

The country holds the busiest town named Kuala Lumpur that has many colonial buildings. Many vacationers could first land in this metropolis and then discover more of Malaysia. The Petronas Tower and Menara KL Tower have the most stunning skyline that every visitor would like to capture through their cameras.

Malaysian Borneo

image of Borneo Malaysia

Malaysian Borneo offers plenty of rainforests and wildlife and has been ranked because of the third biggest island in the entire world. Scuba diving and hiking are some of the adventure sports activities that you possibly can strive round this vicinity in Malaysia.


image of Selangor zoo

Being the most developed region in Malaysia, this city holds the National Zoo of Malaysia with theme parks around them. The Formula 1 racetrack, Batu Caves, and the Kuala Selangor River are other visitor spots in this location.


image of Langkawi

In the past years, this island has ended up one of the most visited islands in Malaysia. This is because of the travelers who get to visit the island anytime during the year. It holds the country is largest and most visited indoor aquarium that is open even for the duration of the nighttime.


image of Penang

Penang has the George City, which is called a historic capital town and also as a UNESCO world Heritage Site. The forts, temples, landmark houses and museums are a number of the tourist spots that you can still go to in Penang. This island is well known for providing the nice foods that can be tested on each nook of the streets.


image of Malacca malaysia

This area is known for preserving and cherishing the historical wealth of people who lived in Malacca a long time ago. Other than the historical wealth, this place has the nice shopping opportunity that indeed makes tourists visit the region for shopping and to get to know about the town’s lifestyle and way of life.

Perhentian Islands

image of Perhentian Islands

The Perhentian island could seem like heaven on the planet. Everybody can visit this place irrespective of your tour budget. During the daytime, visitors can try out a few adventurous activities like diving and snorkeling. The nighttime is for partying tough with some nice sand around.

Tioman Island

image of Tioman Island

The accommodation on this island will make any traveler visiting it extend their holiday days. The beach remains busy all day as the tourists might go for a boat journey or swim around. The speedboat rides may be employed by everybody as they may be available at a discounted rate for each visitor visiting Tioman island.

Taman Negara

image of Taman Negara

This place is called the National park in the Malay language and it does have the oldest National park in entire Malaysia. You can actually go for trekking, fishing, rafting or bird watching around the Taman Negara National park.

Cameron Highlands

image of Cameron Highlands

You possibly can discover a wide stretch of forest with green tea plantation in Cameron highlands surrounded via a nice climate all over the year. Trekking across the Cameron highland turns into a memorable incident that you can actually cherish later in their existence.

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