Guide for Family Travel to Istanbul

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May 29th, 2016

We talked in a previous post about The Social Landscape in Turkey, in this post, we will explore a guide for a family travel to Istanbul.

Guide for Family Travel to Istanbul

Being a kid is nice, however being a kid in Istanbul is even nicer. There is a lot of things to explore, do and eat, especially in summer. Here is a handy list of what to do in Istanbul once you are a kid big or small.

What to Discover in a Family Travel?

picture of istanbul musem

Did you recognize that there is a toy museum in Istanbul? The founding father of the museum, poet Sunay Akin collected these toys from everywhere the globe as if he were chasing the lost lines of his poems, and he decided to exhibit them at the historical mansion in Goztepe. Wandering round the museum looks like a journey in a time machine.

Do not be stunned if you come across a toy from your childhood. Visiting the museum along with your child could be a good chance to share a common pleasure you each of you have despite the age difference. Who knows, if you were a good kid, you will even run into Mr. Akin, drinking coffee within the museum’s cafeteria. He could even sign one of his books for you!

If you would like your children to have fun and learn, Miniaturk (comprising miniature replicas of historic structures from Istanbul and Turkey) and Panorama 1453 (portraying the conquest of Istanbul with a visible feast) are each great alternatives.

Family Dining

Yanyalı Fehmi istanbul restaurant

If you are having trouble to search out delicious and healthy food to eat along with your family, Istanbul comes to the rescue. Here are a couple of suggestions for you to not stray among many choices.

Yanyali Fehmi is almost one hundred years old. Opened by Fehmi Sonmezler in Kadikoy in 1919, the restaurant continues to serve its customer at the precise spot. Yanyali Fehmi’s baked meatballs are an excellent chance to introduce your children to the coolest and best Turkish and Ottoman dishes, and additionally the conception of “slow dining”.

turkey ice cream

Ice cream is always and the all-time favorite for us as well as for our children. In fact, it is the excellent gift for them. Serving walnut, tahini, baby biscuits and even eggplant frozen dessert besides classic flavors, Yasar Usta is waiting for his customers in his humble shop in Bostanci.

Where to Stay in Istanbul during a Family Travel?

image of swissotel istanbul

Istanbul could be a fast-developing metropolis, and also the city’s European side is ideal for defrayment time with children. Besiktas is close both to sea transports and to Taksim, another well-liked district. With a view dominating the town, Swissotel the Bosphorus is one of the greatest places to stay in Istanbul.

Shop with Family

istanbul kadikoy andy carvin

If you are exploring the town together with your children or returning to your childhood by yourself, you must visit one of the toy stores. Kadikoy could be a great place to start; here, you will be able to realize various stores that sell comic books and figures. Gerekli Seyler is an example, where, you will be able to find all types of comic books and character figures that cater to all or any budgets. Do visit this store; you will not ever need to go away.

picture of Geppetto's workshop

It does not matter how old your Childs is; we’ve got a suggestion wherever you’ll be able to visit together with your kids, attend wooden toy making workshops or, if you are short on time, purchase one of the attractive wooden toys created here. Reminding us of Mr. Geppetto’s workshop, Gel Oyna’s store in Bostanci makes for a great visit. Moreover, this might be an excellent commencement in taking toy-making classes together with your children.

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